With over a million feet of optimised drilling delivered, we drive efficiency like no other independent drilling specialist. Our clients include Shell, Neptune Energy and TotalEnergies.

Our software and systems support you and your drilling team throughout your projects. We run our proprietary indexing models to provide detailed drilling system analysis, efficiency and performance.


You and your drilling team could benefit from our proprietary software tools - AWOS, BE3, and C3 - for well optimisation analysis, drill bit durability and efficiency.


Drilling System Efficiency Analysis

We know the value of live data for making critical decisions during drilling operations. That’s why we developed the Aurora Well Optimisation System (AWOS), our in-house proprietary software.

AWOS provides detailed drilling system efficiency analysis during live drilling operations and accurate efficiency analysis at the pre and post-well stages of operations. The typical outcomes of using AWOS are that it eliminates all guesswork and hence saves time and reduces drilling costs.


Cutting Structure Durability Indexing

Our C3 software establishes the durability gained from fixed cutter products versus product characteristics of previously used bits. This indexing software can be applied across all bit sizes and all applications.


Cutting Structure Efficiency Indexing

While C3 establishes durability, our proprietary efficiency indexing model, BE3, confirms an individual fixed cutter drill bits efficiency.

We analyse the data with a standardised process that compares the numeric values of the design features used in fixed cutter drill bit design. BE3 has consistently shown that it can make accurate and risk-free predictions for operational performance.

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